I had a couple of goals in mind even before the project started, and the first and most important one was to explore and learn about the world of visual effects and procedural animation. This goal is meant to give me a different perspective on how problems could be solved, which could later on be applied even during the game development process.

The second learning goal is a bit more technical oriented and is to learn about how Houdini works from the technical side and which workflow is the most efficient, because it has multiple layers on which a programmer could work.

My third goal is to learn more about geometry manipulation and different approaches to achieve more optimized and efficient simulations. This goal is going to help towards understanding more about the 3D artist aspect of game development.

My final goal is to experience the planning and mistakes involved in a project with a large team, and from that learn a bit about how would it be more efficient the next time I have to deal with it.