My first most important learning goal is to get to know VEX and Python within Houdini. VEX is one of the core programming languages in Houdini. I want to learn when to use VEX, what VEX is capable of and how to apply VEX in the most efficient manner. Python in Houdini is used to create tools which you can place on the shelf to help myself and my fellow team members work faster by improving the workflow. I want to know how far I can take the tool creation in order to truely improve the workflow for myself and my fellow team members.

The second learning goal is about digital asset creation in Houdini. Creating digital assets in Houdini is a step before placing them on the shelf and scripting them with Python. It is the process of packing a creation into a bundle and exposing the most useful parameters to control the creation properties without having to navigate through a complex network. Digital assets are the products that you can share with your fellow team members. I want to learn and be able to create complex digital assets that provide an increase in workflow for myself and my fellow team members.